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  1. John

    I’ll give it ten minutes.

  2. John

    Why didn’t you say Chris Elliot was in this?

    • He wanted to stay a surprise cameo & we love that people are shocked when he shows up in the film. After each screening, nearly every Q & A starts with someone asking if that’s him, or if it is “Cabin Boy” or “that guy with the hand from Scary Movie”

  3. I’m gonna watch it later and let you know what I thought 😀

    Chris Elliot is one of my favorite actors, so I’m excited to see his cameo too.

  4. bit late in the eve to start a movie now, but I will definitely give it a watch over the next day or two

  5. Fantastic movie! I reviewed this movie on the latest episode of my podcast, I can’t wait to see Get Stuck! I read the first 18 pages and loved it! Thank you for making this movie.

  6. Liked it a lot! Can’t wait to see the next effort.

  7. After watching this movie I kept thinking about all the little details around it and how much they could state about the filmmaker’s vision. Things like the posters, some of the props and the use of spaces perhaps. It also let me thinking about how much it is inspired by Kevin Smith.

    Not only is he mentioned by the characters but they resemble so much some of Kevin’s movies: Juliette is way more experienced than Charlie, which immediatly reminds me of Chasing Amy, Rob is definitively Jay, long conversational shots that tell us so much about the characters trough natural conversations and well, Charlie is Jerry in reality (isn’t it?).

    I really enjoyed this movie, its funny, clever, well built (although it drops a bit in the middle) and has memorable characters. I could totally see myself quoting some of the conversations.


  8. Ishaak

    Absolutely Brilliant mate! I need a second! haha!
    Good luck with the rest of your films buddy! Will be keeping an eye out for them!

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