It has been a really long time since I last updated this site. 20 months to be exact. A lot has happened since then. I started dating the love of my life. I made a second feature, a festival doc called NIC & JERRY GET OFF. I finished two awesome scripts. And I became the Director of Social Media & Submissions for the Orlando Film Festival. But sadly not much has been going on with the film this website is all about.

On August 16 2011, I posted STUCK LIKE CHUCK for free online. We had over 500 views in the first 24 hours, which was a huge accomplishment. But a short time later I pulled the video because of strong interest from a distribution company I was overly excited about. After being dragged out for over a year, I finally found out last month that the film was no longer being considered by the distributor and hadn’t been for months. During that time SLC just sat on my hard drive collecting digital dust. I have made many mistakes with this film but that was one of the biggest. I blame myself for waiting and holding out hope for a response I knew was never coming. This was a great disservice to the few fans of the film that are actually out there and any future fans waiting to discover it. I’m sure many felt I had given up on the film and in a way, I did. Now it’s time for me to right that wrong.

I am very proud to announce that STUCK LIKE CHUCK is once again available to watch absolutely for FREE. This time it is on Youtube & even better, there is no boring introduction with me rambling. In addition, I added a brand new section to this site that should interest some of you. I figured if I was rereleasing my film for free (and for good this time), I “mind’s well” (inside joke) make all the bonus features available for free as well. All 8+ hours of them are now on this site including a feature length making of, commentary by myself & Nic Baisley of FilmSnobbery.com, 30+ minutes of deleted scenes, and much more.

To everyone who has supported STUCK LIKE CHUCK or myself in the last 5+ years, I thank you from the bottom of my heart & hope you will stick with me. Please pass this along, share the film with some friends and keep the indie spirit alive!

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