SINY Film Festival, Here I Come!

In less than 2 hours, I am heading out to my first day of the SINY Film Festival. I can’t believe it’s here already. It seemed like just a few days ago I was at Tribeca watching movies as press, and now I am about to experience my first festival as a filmmaker exhibiting a movie. (BTW, no I have not yet finished my Tribeca coverage and yes I do suck. I will get to it all next week…I hope)

I have been preparing for this festival since I found out I got in. I was forever trying to come up with the perfect promotional item to give away. After weeks of trying to figure it out…I’ve got nothing. I really thought I needed something clever, but my time at Tribeca changed all that. In fact, from what I saw as press there, we are on the cusp of a change in independent film promotion. There were no little promo items. Not every film had postcards out. Most press kits were online. The few that were in the pressroom were simply a bunch of computer printouts stapled together. The only actual promotional item I got at Tribeca was a keychain for the movie TiMER but I only got it after seeing the film and interviewing the director & cast. (Loved the film)

So what do people at SINY FF get? Nothing. You can pick up a flyer or a postcard for the film around the festival. That’s all you will get for free from me. BUT if you come and see the movie, I will announce during the Q & A how you can get a free song or two from some of the awesome bands in the film. That is my thank you for coming to the screening. Also, after each screening I will be outside the theater with the cast for a meet & greet. I will also be selling very special DVDs that will currently only be available at the festival. This DVD may or may not contain Stuck Like Chuck in its entirety, plus bonus features such as the TV show pilot and various trailers.

So what else have I been doing besides working on a DVD and no promo items? Well, do you live on Staten Island? Have you been to the mall lately? Or Maybe some restaurants on Bay ST. or Hylan? Or the movie theaters? Then you may have saw our postcard somewhere. I have been making trips around the island leaving postcards and flyers (with permission of course) all over the place. So let me just take this time to send a big thank you to all those places that let me clutter up your counter or waiting room. You are awesome!

Another thing I have been working on is our Press Kit, as well as our website. I have been making sure I have the most up to date info on both. Check around our site and you will see some new reviews from the film, all good so far, and some other cool things. Since most films at Tribeca had their entire press kit online only, I have posted all my press info on the site. I also created a bunch of physical copies in the form of stapled printouts for those old school reporters.

I have also been working on getting asses in the seats. I have been emailing everyone I know to come to the screenings. I sent out a Facebook invite to all my friends on there. Got a high school alumni e-blast out to former students. Got someone from my old high school to post flyers in the teachers lounge. Have them up at my current school. Got an e-blast circulated to my current professors. I have flyers up all over where I work. Had friends post flyers where they work. And of course, I have the postcards and flyers at the counters and waiting areas of stores/restaurants around the island.

Pretty soon, I am going to the festival where I will put postcards all over the place and post flyers everywhere. I also ordered $180 in posters but they have yet to arrive. In fact, they were supposed to come yesterday but they are now coming tomorrow. But when they do come in, they will be put up by the theater and box office. I will also be annoying people at the festival the next few days telling them they should “Get Stuck!”

So if you live in the area, or are willing to travel, I hope o see you at the SINY Film Festival! Or at least at one of my screenings. (Saturday at 12 pm & Sunday at 2 pm – College of Staten Island)

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I’m Back!

I am still working on my Tribeca coverage. That should give you some idea on how much stuff I got done there, as well as how hectic my life has been lately. Tribeca was awesome though! I saw 20+ films and met a lot of cool people. Unfortunately when I finished the festival, I returned to school to shitloads of work. I am happy to report that I am now done with school for the term (straight A’s) and will now focus my time on finishing my Tribeca coverage and promoting Stuck Like Chuck.

Speaking of Stuck Like Chuck, I updated the site with our screening info for SINY FF. We are screening at 12 pm on Saturday June 6th and 2 pm on Sunday June 7th. There are Q & A’s after each screening. I also just received my first batch of Stuck Like Chuck postcards in the mail. I am blown away by how good they look. Thank you gotprint. You can pick one up at the SINY Film Festival from June 4th – 7th. Hope to see you there!

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WAMG/Stuck Like Chuck Pre-Tribeca Party FAIL!

So I decided to go ahead with the Tribeca Party. That was my first mistake. Read:

Hopefully, the festival will go a lot smoother. Be sure to keep checking out WEAREMOVIEGEEKS.COM for all my Tribeca coverage.

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Tribeca Film Festival!

No, I didn’t get into the Tribeca Film Festival due to a freak last minute cancellation. But I will be there as press. I will cover the festival nearly every one of the 11 days for WEAREMOVIEGEEKS.COM. I hope to see a lot of good movies and interview as many people as possible at the festival. I’m also thinking of doing some sort of Pre-Tribeca party at my school since I recently booked the 11th floor auditorium for a Stuck Like Chuck screening. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to go to the Tribeca Film Festival for the first time. This should definitely be an awesome experience.

As you can imagine, I will be swamped with planning and then during the festival I will hopefully be incredibly busy. Afterwards, I will probably be catching up on my coverage so I will not be updating this site for a while. So in other words, it will be business as usual on here. Tribeca, here I come!

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Stuck Like Chuck To Begin Its Festival Run!

Hey everyone, just a quick update. I wanted to let you all know that this morning I received an email from the SINY Film Festival congratulating me on my acceptance into their festival. I am completely ecstatic. This will be the World Premiere of Stuck Like Chuck. I will have more details soon but for now just know that Stuck Like Chuck will be playing sometime between June 4th and June 7th in front of a sold out crowd. How do I know it will be sold out? Because I will not rest until we sell out the theater. In fact, I plan on promoting this film so much that we will need to add multiple screenings in order to please the thousands of fans trying to buy tickets. On the off chance that crazy dream scenario does not work it, it will still be awesome to finally screen my film to the public. I need to go now and come up with a scheme plan of how to promote this film. Now would be a good time for any of you with press connections to send me an email. I’ll be sure to post soon with more details. Keep watching movies!

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The First of Many?

I would like to welcome you all to the official Stuck Like Chuck blog. I will be abandoning my Myspace blog, which I barely ever used anyway, and will try to start posting frequently on here. It is just one of the many changes going on with the film. Here are some of the others…

The Trailer

After 1 year of posting a promo video each month, I finally gave in and created an “official” trailer. When I say “official” I mean it is structured like a usual film trailer and actually contains footage from the movie. If you have not already seen it, here it is.

As you can see, I still did not completely sell out to Hollywood…yet. This trailer does not feature all the best scenes from the movie nor does it give too much away. That’s right; I’m saving all the car chases, shootouts and crazy sex scenes for the film itself.

You can still check out all the cool promo videos I made on and on all of our usual video sites. I believe there is now more than one hour of Stuck Like Chuck video goodness online so there is a lot to enjoy. As always, share the videos with your friends, family, enemies and even complete strangers, but only if they have candy.


Twitter is more addictive than cigarettes, heroin, coffee and using wacky catch phrases…combined. Don’t believe me? Then you aren’t on Twitter. It may just be a new fad but I am on it several times a day. Follow me and be sure to say hi. I mostly just tweet about Stuck Like Chuck and We Are Movie Geeks but I find myself opening up more and more. It used to be something didn’t happen unless it was recorded. Now something doesn’t happen unless someone tweets about it.

The Website

I recently cleaned up the website, changed the layout and added some really cool new pages. I added a press section where you can find more info about the film and I split the media section to now have a page for the videos and a page for photos. I will be posting some more photos soon but for now I have 3 posters and 9 behind the scenes/publicity stills. In addition to the Press Info, I have a main publicity page with links to some stories/sites online featuring Stuck Like Chuck. There’s a few other changes also and a lot more info about the film overall. When you have some free time, play around on the site to see for yourself.

We Are Movie Geeks

I’ve posted about this a few times before but I have been the NY Editor for for about 6 months now. So far my experience has been amazing. A few of the people I’ve interviewed in the last few months are Jason Ritter, Marianna Palka, Paul Rudd, Bruce Campbell, Judah Friedlander, R.W Goodwin, Dan Lauria, Don Murphy, Michale Graves, and the casts of Dead Like Me and Krod Mandoon. I have been attending press screenings and getting screeners for some really awesome films, and I’ve been given some pretty cool swag. I recently covered Comic Con and I plan to cover the Tribeca Film Festival in April. I have learned a lot from this and I am so honored to be a part of such a great site.

The Budget

Some of you may have noticed that the budget for the film is now listed as being $2,500 instead of under $4,000. The reason for this is simple; I screwed up the first time. I did spend close to $4,000 for the film but I didn’t take into account that I never used some of the stuff I bought. For instance, I used less than half of the $750 worth of tape I purchased and I bought a $300 dolly that was unfortunately impossible to use in such a small classroom. I also purchased some programs for my Mac that I never used on Stuck Like Chuck and am only now starting to learn. I always included it in the budget but I recently released that I was selling myself short. When you see the film, you are seeing $2,500 worth of stuff. And that includes the $1200 I paid Joe, Jocelyn and Patrick, the $200 I paid for some of the film’s music, and the $500 I paid for food/travel. The rest of the money went to the tapes, making Patrick’s wardrobe awesome, making the classroom look cool and turning my Grandma’s den into a dorm room. It’s not really a big deal but I wanted to keep things accurate.

Film Festivals

When I started this film, I promised myself and the 4 of you who read my blogs that I would be open and honest through the whole process. It is with that complete honesty in mind that I would like to tell you that Stuck Like Chuck has a perfect track record of being rejected from every festival I’ve submitted to. I believe my 16th rejection came in yesterday in the form of an email from the Tribeca Film Festival. There are still a few festivals I am waiting to hear from but breaking into the festival circuit is far harder than I thought it would be.


There is probably some other stuff I am forgetting but this post is getting really long so I will stop now. I will try to update soon and I look forward to hearing from you. Now is a critical time for this film, so please try to spread awareness in any way you can. Until next time, keep watching movies.

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