1. Extended Opening – The only minor detail trimmed from this scene that was necessary is the joke explaining why their incompetent teacher is wearing an On My Own hat. Also includes a fun scene from BOOBS: THE MOTION PICTURE but the joke works better in the film when we only get one clip.
  2. Charlie’s Problem – Redundant. Charlie says basically the same thing when confessing to Juliet at the end & we already see that Charlie is slightly more confident in the classroom anyway.
  3. Rob’s Plan – This was the best scene I had to let go. I love this scene because it is basically all about Rob. It features some of my favorite lines and was really fun to shoot. But the film works so much better if we skip the explanation of the plan and instead watch it unfold.
  4. B-Movies – Trimmed for time & because we really don’t need another scene of Charlie and Juliet getting along.
  5. Juliet Reveals Too Much – This got way too serious for some people so I trimmed it out. Point gets across just as well in the final cut without specifics.
  6. FUCK -Another scene I love that was trimmed for time & because after re-editing the big conversation scene, it would not work continuity wise.
  7. Rob’s Next Film -Very short joke that I still laugh at but was cut because the scene flows better without it.
  8. Sex & Drugs – Yet another scene where we see how much of a loser Charlie is. It does explain the 40 Year Old Virgin reference from earlier though.
  9. Julie – I don’t know what I was thinking. People came up to me after test screenings saying they really loved Julie and I’d be like, don’t you mean Juliet. Having her hate her name just like Charlie hates Chuck was just a bad idea. It also became a bitch to edit the rest of the film since Charlie kept calling her Julie. Luckily, Joe Moran must have felt the same way because he kept accidentally calling her Juliet so we didn’t even have to do ADR.
  10. Juliet’s Secret & Charlie’s Fear – Originally this film had a very different tone. It was meant to be a dramedy. It had a much more serious and some of the jokes currently in the film were trimmed or toned down. While filming it, I kept adding more jokes & the few improv moments from the cast really elevated the humor. While editing the film, I started to get the feeling that this should have been a straightforward comedy and the more serious bits had to go. At the first test screening, people laughed uncomfortably while Charlie was talking about 9/11. I knew at that moment, I had to make some major changes to the edit. This scene reflects the biggest change. The interview scene as it is in the film now is short & fun. This scene is bloated & uneven. And yes, the Borat fire footage is real as is that entire story.
  11. Good Night – This is scene 81. We kept having to push this scene back. It became a running joke that we would never get to scene 81. When we finally shot the scene, we all clapped and cheered. Then I cut it.
  12. Original Ending – This is horribly embarrassing. This is poorly shot, rushed, and overlong. Despite how much I love Patrick’s delivery of the Wizard line, I am so glad this whole ending is gone.

This is technically a deleted scene but I re-edited it into a standalone Christma short. This scene really divided people at test screenings. They either loved it or hated it. Personally, I am a fan of this scene but I agree that it just didn’t work in the context of the film. Now you can enjoy it as a Christmas treat!

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