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STUCK LIKE CHUCK To Be Released For FREE On August 17

“Remarkably sweet and light-hearted.”

– Peter Hall,

“Manages to outshine any romantic comedy you’ll see in theaters.”

– Bobby Bless,

“Sharp, funny and the comedic timing is almost perfect”

– Travis Keune,


STUCK LIKE CHUCK is the feature debut by writer/director Jerry Cavallaro, who is also known as the New York correspondent for We Are Movie Geeks and the co-host of FilmSnobbery Live!

After spending way too much time on the festival circuit, the film is finally being released on August 17th. It will be available for free streaming & download at Since no future DVD or Blu-Ray release is planned, nearly 10 hours of bonus features will also be made available to anyone who donates $1 or more at To celebrate the release, Jerry Cavallaro will live-tweet the film on August 17th at 8 PM, 10 PM & Midnight EST! Use hashtag #LiveChuck to participate. More online events will be announced closer to the release.

Jerry is currently available for interviews in New York or by email, phone, Skype, etc. If you would like to review the film prior to the August 17th release, a password-protected video will be available starting next week. Please send your interview or review requests to


Stuck Like Chuck is a comedy about friendship, love, college and the awkward situations that bring them all together. Charlie is a student filmmaker. Juliet is a hot film geek. Rob is just awesome. Since Charlie is a wreck when talking to Juliet outside of class, Rob locks the two of them in their Film-201 classroom for the night. Pop culture is dissected, life is observed and love spends the night in.


Joe Moran, Patrick McColley and Jocelyn Deboer, with cameos by indie film icon Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist) and a surprise Emmy Award winner.

86 Minutes       NOT RATED          Color

For more information about STUCK LIKE CHUCK, please visit