“Remarkably sweet and light-hearted thanks to Cavallaro’s tight control of the script and characters.

– Peter Hall,

“The film manages to outshine any romantic comedy you’ll see in theaters.”

– Bobby Bless,

“Made with a purity of vision that seems like it doesn’t exist anymore”

– Da7e Gonzales,

“Plays right to the film geek’s heart in a way that’s reminiscent of Kevin Smith’s early films”

– Ben Umstead,

“The writing is sharp, funny and the comedic timing is almost perfect”

– Travis Keune,

“Clever and Hilarious…it made me laugh from beginning to end”

– Nic Baisley,

“Absolutely does not suck… Jerry Cavallaro is an impressive young filmmaker who I actually think has a future in this business, and that’s saying something.”

– Mike Spring,


“Jerry Cavallaro has made a really funny comedy with some classic moments and easily relatable characters.”

– Kent Lundblad (Kent the movie guy from O & A),

“Stuck Like Chuck is a very entertaining and funny romantic comedy that spoofs on movie geeks and fans alike.”

– Anthony Thurber,

“The acting in the film is a cut above most indie fare…a solid credit for any first-time indie director.”

– The Vocabulariast,

“With the inundation of paint-by-number romantic comedies these days, sometimes checking out an ultra low-budget Indie can be a breath of fresh air… Stuck Like Chuck is a tale of collegiate love and missed signals that can be related to by anyone who’s ever grown up on the fringes of high school popularity”

– Jared Mobarak,

“AWE gives this writer/director/editor the thumbs up for his no-holds-barred enthusiasm.”

– Jodi Lee Reifer, Staten Island Advance

“Better than some mainstream…This auteur bears watching.”

– Alan_Truelove, User


And because I am completely honest (and possibly stupid), here is the one negative review we’ve received so far.

“After reading a couple positive reviews for this film all I have to say is, I wish I had seen the film they did.” – Andrew Robinson,